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The REEF is our Conversational AI Platform – an Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

It is a secure AI platform for our conversation agents (Gyral Spaces) and Dynamic Learning Systems (Gyres) as we help organisations to create enterprise-wide customer and user engagement.

A Machine Learning environment for our omnidirectional solutions, the REEF is a framework for contextual conversations with a more sophisticated construct of natural language understanding (NLU), dialogue management, and API integrations.

This sophisticated platform helps us to build Gyral Spaces that can hold generative rather than scripted conversations.

Conversations can be remembered as well as put into the wider context of your organisation as it dynamically powers your Gyres.

Accessing a wide array of technologies including organizational memory, microservices, gyres, and gyral spaces, an organisation is able to both reactively and proactively cleanse, amend and populate structured datasets.

The Analytics and Insights generated from The REEF includes our psychology-based Prospective Analytics for the identification and management of Risk.

Knowledge Idealised Dialogue
Litha Lab’s groundbreaking work in cognitive intelligence has lead to Knowledge Idealised Dialogue for the development of generative, personalised conversations.
We teach your Gyral Space language rules and expanded vocabulary based on how your own organisation communicates, as well as how your users / customers speak regionally, socially and individually.
Every organisation has an explicit (data-driven) memory as opposed to an acquired (implicit) memory.
In conjunction with implicit and explicit memories is associative memory where we are  able to learn and remember the relationship between unrelated items.
We can build and grow a total organisational memory that is implicit, explicit and associative.
With Organisational Memory working with KID, you now have a series of microservices, Gyres and Gyral Spaces specialising in such areas as governance, compliance, and risk as well as particular functions and conversation threads (morphologies).
Each element operates independently but can be seamlessly activated into a conversation when its area of expertise is required.
Gyral Spaces operating within The REEF can hold meaningful conversations with users – multi-step conversations that remember context and integrate your business logic.  As it learns interactively from real conversations, natural generative conversations form.
Conversational and Data Analytics & Insights include Prospective Analytics for Risk Assessment.
Litha invests in extensive research to create leading-edge conversational AI.  Whether it is through text or voice, you want to have an environment that greatly engages with end-users but also satisfies your own technical compliance.  Feel free to speak to us about our Conversational AI Platform and we will have one of our lead scientists to talk through the technology.