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We work with clients to build unique Dynamic Learning Systems (Gyres).

In oceanography, a gyre is a large system of rotating ocean currents. These large systems result from the churn of various types of currents.

Much like an oceanic gyre, our Organisational Gyres  evolve based on internal and external dynamics.

Drawing information from so many sources creates this Dynamic Learning System – an evolving network of data and interactions (social networks, links & relationships, and social simulation).

A Gyre recognises that collective behaviour isn’t predicted by individual behaviour and the system has to be adaptive in recognising that individual and collective behaviour mutates and self-organises.

This ongoing influx of data and interactions helps to dynamically evolve your organisation’s customer understanding and insights.

What this means to an organisation is that we are able to develop systems that learn and grow; drawing new information and creating powerful opportunity for your organisation.

Our Gyres comprise a wide range of microservices – technology-agnostic business and communication processes that interact within The REEF.  
As a self-contained piece of business functionality, microservices can be individually scaled, rapid deployed and upgraded, and can integrate with legacy systems.
During the Pathfinder, we identify which microservices you want to have operating within your Gyre.
Every organisation has to comply with various sector and regional guidelines as set out by regulatory bodies. 
A Gyre has its own unique Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Playbook that also codifies your corporate policies and processes.  
During the Pathfinder,  we populate your Playbook with your corporate messaging and morphologies that all link into your Organisational Memory that is embedded into The REEF.
During the Pathfinder, we determine what you want to use the Gyre for – and this includes its conversation interface (Gyral Space).  
As a Virtual Employee, your Gyre will work in continual dialogue with other Gyres as well as your data sources as it answers questions, ask questions, and cleans data.
In doing so, your Gyre is compliant will all current regulatory requirements, and works to your  policies and processes.
As an Artificial Intelligence, one of the roles of the Dynamic Learning System is to enable key people to focus on less onerous and time-consuming tasks and to think more strategically.
As an Hybrid AI, you can hand over an activity to the Gyre as well as have activity referred to you from the Gyre with any analytics and insights to make your job easier.
This is where your Artificial Intelligence is providing Intelligence Augmentation.
Litha invests in extensive research to create leading-edge conversational AI.  Whether it is through text or voice, you want to have an environment that greatly engages with end-users but also satisfies your own technical compliance.  Feel free to speak to us about our Conversational AI Platform and we will have one of our lead scientists to talk through the technology.