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We build the technology for organisations to create complete Enterprise Relationship Management systems.  Based on a secure platform, we develop conversation agents, dynamic learning systems and microservices to support forward-looking digital transformation.  


Our Conversational AI Ecosystem is known as GYRE+REEF.

Specialising in Conversational AI, GYRE+REEF is the commercial unit within Litha Group Limited.  Our work in psychology and linguistics is creating a new type of conversation between human and computer.

Through our model of a Conversational AI Ecosystem, we work with organisations to build psychology-based Dynamic Learning Systems, authentic conversations and powerful analytics.

Our founders are disruptive entrepreneurs with a background in psychology, counselling, and communications.

They are supported by an advisory board in such areas as ethics, information security, data privacy and large-scale growth. 

Integrated Technology
integrate cloud-hosted microservices, gyres and gyral spaces with your legacy systems as we extract, transform and load clean data back into your data sources
Implicit Memories
We are all to work with organisations to build your explicit and implicit corporate memory as a foundation for creating your exemplary communicators
Psychology & Linguistics
Every human activity is built upon psychology and communications - use technology founded on our proprietary psycholinguistic engine - the archegyral heart
Prospective Analytics
While the classic 'retrospective and predictive' analytics are purely data-driven, our technology gives you insights into risk through human psychologies.
Analytics & Insights
Access the 4 standard data analytics in real-time. Understand what has happened and why. Understand near-term trends and explore plans of action.
Bidirectional Conversations
Too many conversation agents are one-directional: they only answer questions. Our technology proactively asks questions as well as reactively responds.
Hybrid Colleagues
Hand-off and hand-on relationships between humans and our AI. Pass the onerous / repetitive transactions into an authentic conversation and free your team up.
The New User Interface
Move all of your form-filling into a generative conversation. Understand user / customer need and motivation while strengthening your engagement.
Mesh Communication
We build tangential conversation loops that access microservices and data across your organisation in a seamless omnichannel approach.
Bespoke Microservices
Plug together a range of independently deployable services and Gyral Spaces that refer to your own policies, processes and regulatory requirements.
Morphology Library
Conversations are determined by industry, function and issue. We work with you to build AI conversation threads that are specific to their role in your organisation.
Generative Conversations
Technology that embraces the the dynamic nature of human conversation - placing your user / customer at the centre of the conversation.

Enterprise Relationship Management

We work with you to develop your own unique Dynamic Learning Systems: integrated, omnichannel, bi-directional communications engine using psycholinguistics to fully understand the user / customer undeclared needs and motivations.

The Reef is a secure environment for building Mesh Communications – integrated microservices and conversation agents.
GYRE+REEF works with you to build bespoke Dynamic Learning Systems (Gyres) that learn and grow through continual social network interactions. 
Your Gyral Spaces enable you to build richer text and voice conversations through messengers, smart assistants and smart speakers.
We go beyond Reflection and Prediction as we use psycholinguistics in creating Prospective Analytics & Insights for our clients.
The difficulty with such a sophisticated and complex solution is knowing where to start and what to do! A Pathfinder Project is where we work with you in defining the need and the best solution. Beyond this, we co-create your Gyres and Gyral Spaces.